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Thread: Ban skirts in schools

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    Default Ban skirts in schools

    A Bharatiya Janata Party MLA in Rajasthan has demanded a ban on skirts as uniform in schools to keep girls away from “men’s lustful gazes”.

    I agree with this. Why the hell schools ask girls to wear skirts from Monday to Thursday but Salwar on Friday? This is ridiculous. You need to cover yourself only on Friday and other days are just ok? So stupid. Lots of schools in India follow this policy. Boys wear pants. Girls wear Skirts. Some show-off girls wear low skirts.

    School principals and correspondents should take a note of it and protect their students from preying eyes.


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    I understand what you are saying, and unfortunately many people in India think like you. You need to understand that clothes are not the issue for men staring at women. The men are the issue. Men need to be taught that they need to respect women and not cross boundaries. The kind of mindset where people think that women should stop wearing skirts is what perpetuates rape culture in India because people are not blaming the problem, they are blaming the victim. Whether it is a skirt or pant, women should be allowed to wear whatever they want and not be seen as asking for the sexual misconduct. If you want sexual misconduct to stop, start focusing on the problem instead of focusing on the victim.

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