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Thread: Basic Makeup tips

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    Fundamentals of foundation

    Foundation smoothens up your skin and covers up most imperfections. Buying a foundation is pretty tricky, so it's best to tag along a friend for her opinion; try out a lot of brands before making your pick.

    Apply a little on your wrist. The right shade will just disappear on your skin.

    For fair skin

    Got the Kareena Kapoor glow? Then when it comes to cheeks, think pink like her! Try sheer and soft pastels in different shades of pink on your cheeks and lips.

    When it comes to colouring your eyes, pink is safe, but blue and lavender look great too. Though some may want to go bolder and try shades of green as well. Hey, if you can carry it off why not?

    Wheatish complexion

    If you are blessed with wheatish complexion like Eva Longoria and Rani Mukerji, then apricots and corals are the right choice for your cheeks. Try mauves and pinks on your eyes and opt for medium pinks and nude lipsticks.

    For dusky tone

    You may have heard them say, when dusky go natural. But that is so not true.

    Take a good look at Halle Berry and Bipasha Basu! Take a page out of their books and try shades of red, burnt orange, maroon or other dark shades of pink for your cheeks. Kiss your lips with shades of berries or experiment with all shades of brown.

    But whatever your complexion, always try the make-up before buying, the delectable pink gloss may not suit your skin, and that mauve lipstick you've been putting off may be your perfect match. The mantra is - try and buy!

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    Hello Friends.........


    Moisturizers not only make your skin soft and smooth, it also sets the base for easy make up application. The first thing that you need to do is find a moisturizer that is right for your skin type lightly apply it in gentle circular, upward motions. Remember to let it dry first before putting anything else on your face.


    Concealers are usually used to cover under-eye circles, blemishes, ruddiness or the appearance of broken blood vessels on the skin. By choosing a product and shade that becomes your skin color and type, a smooth and flawless face can be yours.


    By patting or dusting matte powder evenly over your face after you've applied your concealer, you will be able to make your concealer last longer. Because it also blots out any unwanted oils, your face will have a fresh, polished look


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    Any tips for oily skin (esp for people like me, whose face looks like oil bunk)????

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    A soft flat-tip eyeshadow brush always use for eyeshadow. Also for to line the lash lines, and even on the eyebrows. Use Cottons especially to clean up any mishaps.

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    1)Use moisturizer before applying the foundation on your face.
    2)Instant eye lifts.
    3)Brighten your eyes.
    4)Treat dark circles.
    5)Minimize puffy eyes.
    6)Minimize facial lines.
    7)Lighten the lips.

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    Some basic makeup tips are define as below
    -Always choose a lip liner that matches your lip color
    -Donít test foundation or concealer color on your hand
    -Be careful with shimming eye shadows
    -Use foundation all over your eyelid,

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    nice thread.

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    Default Common makeup mistakes

    nice thread. Common makeup mistakes, Mistakes made during makeup Indian woman, Doís and Dont's of makeup, Right Makeup Skill, Correct Makeup Skills, Blunders made during makeup Indian female

    1. The first mistake happens before you even apply your party makeup and it's called "the rush"! Going out in a club can be a very exciting and interesting adventure which can even change your life for good. It can happen that you meet the love of your life or new wonderful friends. But it can also mean that nobody notices you. You just don't stand out from the crowd. Many times I hear complaints from girls that they are never noticed in the club parties. So it is VERY important that you don't rush with your makeup. Take your time, it's YOUR party makeup we are talking about here. As a professional makeup artist I never rush, I always take as much time as I need, unless there are of course different circumstances. Even I make mistakes when I'm not focused.

    2. Some girls forget to wash their face with cold water and apply moisturizing lotion before the makeup. It is very important that you wash your face with cold water because this will stimulate the blood circulation in your skin, which makes it ready for the makeup. Also applying moisturizing lotion is important because your makeup will last longer. Don't forget to apply the lotion massaging it into the skin, again, because of the blood circulation. This will perfectly prepare your skin for your upcoming party makeup.

    3. After the lotion, don't immediately apply the foundation. If you have skin problems like pimples or acne you should know that applying concealer for party makeup takes it's place BEFORE the foundation. For party makeup you have to choose the green colored concealer. If you don't have one, then skip this routine and apply the concealer close to your foundation tone AFTER the foundation application. But if you do have the green concealer, apply it directly on the problematic portions of your skin. Watch out how much material you apply, don't apply too much because this will be noticeable later and also will be greatly noticeable on the photos.

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    wonderful tips these all are, many thanks for sharing here.

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    Some girls are wash thair face with cold water and before the makeup if you have oily or sensitive skin. It will spread bacteria around your face from the already existing blemishes use antibacterial soap if you have suitable.
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