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Thread: Handling the pressure..

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    Unhappy Handling the pressure..

    Often , at our workplace there are times when we are loaded with so many tasks and at times, we are given a particular task to be finished under some time frame . The pressure starts surmounting , and the whole environment seems to look serious ... How do you relax your life during those times ? Also , do share if you follow any particular startegy to finish off the task in time ( in case if you do )

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    Oho... gud topic....

    I will tell you my personal idea of handling pressure.. I am a person with gud sense of humor (hey this others used to tell me , dnt think i am pampering mysefl )

    i always crack all kinda jokes when we work.... Try to have friendly environmnt with your colleagues.... others will also be under pressure as you , so jus crack a joke aand make others to laugh, seriously jus 5 mins of laugh , you will be relaxed and get back to work ....

    Jus enjoy .................

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    Smile hi


    i am agree with you, here in my office also we have a very good work environment and we laugh allot same time work also. It feel u regenerate your energy and at day end you don't feel like tiered.

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    There are many times in our daily life that we had lots of work pressure ...we just get frustrated of all loaded work and get tense also ...But this is not the solution ....Firstly we have to see the work ..Then start doing it without any of tensioned minded person will able to manage his/her work easily...and complete it within a timeperiod.

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    Many time in our life we face problems like this in our workplace, actually it's not a problem it's a monthly routine. Every one of us who work faces works pleasure but sometimes this pressure gets very high specially for those who wirks in private firms.
    So the suggestion ill like to make is those what I use-
    Just close your eyes take some deep breaths accumulate some energy and then jump into the work. Work, until you get exhausted then take a break of 10 mins, have a tea or coffee and again get back to work following the same.

    Some other alternative suggestions are like -
    1. Join or sports or activity like Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics tennis or badminton. This will help you to learn how to work in a team and handle pressure .

    2.Meditating is the best thing to incorporate in your life for a healthier and peaceful outlook. In today’s time as we become more and more anxious, stressed and maybe even frustrated, meditating for just five minutes every day can make a huge difference in your patience level and the way you react to stimulus. This does not require any training or equipment. Just relax, close your eyes, clear your mind and don’t forget to breathe.Simple meditation can be done when you are on the go, in a car, on the bus, or even at work and instead of checking your phones.

    Knowledge Regards-

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