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Thread: Parachute Advansed body lotion with benefits of coconut milk

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    Default Parachute Advansed body lotion with benefits of coconut milk

    Indians are not new to the benefits of coconut milk. It is one of the oldest and most trusted ways of moisturizing the skin. Similarly, for many centuries, coconut milk has been known to do miracles for our skin. Extracted from the grated meat of a coconut, the colour and rich taste of the milk is because of the high oil content.

    Parachute has launched Parachute Advanced body lotion, the only moisturizer with 100% Natural Moisturizer and goodness of coconut milk. It hepls:

    • You rediscover soft skin and naturally so!

    • Nourishes the skin: Enriched with the goodness of coconut milk, it works in a superior manner to actually penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it from within – leaving your skin feeling soft, glowing and supple, absolutely irresistible to touch!

    • Hydrates the skin: It moisturizes and hydrates the skin like no other ingredient. As the coconut- based moisturizers are similar to the skin’s natural oils, they penetrate the skin deep within and lock in moisture, doubling moisture levels in just 2 hours. The result is soft, delightful skin you’ve always dreamt of!

    • Heals dryness: Parachute Advanced Body Lotion is ideal to treat dull, cracked and lifeless skin. It has higher values of antioxidants – phenol antioxidants which results in intense hydration and has superior moisturizing qualities that make it ideal for dry skin.

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    Hmm this sounds very interesting. Especially the fact that the product is made of coconut milk which is all natural. I feel more comfortable using natural products on my skin... Will have to pick up this body lotion when I go shopping this weekend.

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    Ohh that's good, Parachute body lotion made of natural ingredients might be very good for making the skin softer and more sensitive.

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    Hello DeepaC

    Thanks for sharing. I have also tried using Parachute Advansed Body Lotion and loved it. It worked wonders for my skin.

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    It is always good to use products made of natural ingredients. Glad that your shared the information on Parachute Body Lotion. I will surely try it

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    Very true.. natural ingredients means that you have extra safety when using certain products. The coconut milk has been used to soften and moisturize the skin even earlier too and it works wonders in the winter season.

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    Natural products are always a good thing to use on the skin... I remember back in the day when my mum used to drench me in oil and other such spices! haha.. I have used various products for my skin in recent times and go back to some of my favourite ones throughout the year depending on the season. For the current cold weather I have been using the parachute advansed body lotion.

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    I agree with you Pratyu.. natural products and ingredients really make a lot of difference to the skin and the best part is there are no side effects from them. I have started using parachute body lotion and I must say that I am very pleased with the results of using it on my skin. It has made my skin softer after regular usage and I really enjoy the smell of it too!

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    Thanks for sharing this info about the parachute body lotion. I also believe that natural products and products with natural ingredients in it are much better for the skin too. I have tried out this body lotion and I must say that it has worked really well for me! My skin has become much softer and smoother over the last month and I plan to use it throughout the summer!

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    Thumbs up Perfect for summer months!!

    Thanks you for sharing this information. I have always been a big Parachute product fan and this new product Parachute advansed body lotion - summer fresh sounds promising. The summer months can be very tricky on the skin. For some it gets very dry while for some it gets very oily. Coconut Milk and mint - perfect ingredients for summers. Mint will keep me cool and coconut milk acts as an anti tan agent.

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