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Thread: The best tips to remove the dandruff

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    Default The best tips to remove the dandruff

    1)Fresh turmeric helps to reduce dandruff.Take chopped turmeric root and mix it in boil water and let it cool.Apply this water after shampoo. 2)Apply Aloe Vera gel and rinse after 30 minutes.
    3)Boil neem leaves and wash your hairs with this water.
    4)Massage with coconut oil with juice of lemon and wash after 2 hours.
    5)use mixture of almond oil and olive oil in equal quantity and massage with it and leave it for 5 minutes and then wash your hairs.
    6)Scalp lime oil at night and wash hairs in the morning.
    7)Apply curd on your hair and wash the hairs after half an hour.
    8)Always use conditioner after shampoo.
    9)After shampooing of your hairs,take vinegar in a mug of water and then,poured over the hairs that changes look of the hairs and make them shiny.
    10)Protect your hairs from sun's radiation.radiations makes the hairs ruff.So, wear a hat.

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    Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips. But i have a suggestion adding to this. Many of the people are allergenic to one or the other ingredient. Don't you think we should visit a specialist who can guide us on the skin type and hair type which suits us. There are many of those type in the market. for eg. Richfeel. A trichologist can help us in this matter. What do u think?

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    Washing with the neem leaves is very best technique for removing the dandruff. It effects very well and gives result in less than four days.

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    All fruits contain anti oxidants, especially apples. Take liquid fruits is very much beneficial for remove dandruff. Also Almond oil is helpful to many hair and skin problems.
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    Another best way to get rid of dandruff is to soak the towel in hot water and then wrap that towel around your head for about 10 minutes, it is very useful as it helps in improving the blood circulation and thus helps in removing dandruff. Continue this hot water therapy for several weeks and you will see the change.

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    Hey guys ill tell u the best way to remove the dandruff
    Soak Fenugreek before u go to sleep. The next day grinds the fenugreek along with 1small onion and applies deeply to our scalp. keep it for more than 1/2 an hour and rinse it off. Try this for twice in a week for 2 to 3 weeks. U will get best results. (Using oion when ur grinding is for ur hair growth)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisamattew View Post
    Washing with the neem leaves is very best technique for removing the dandruff. It effects very well and gives result in less than four days.
    yeah that's really true.

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