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Thread: I hate rich losers

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    Default I hate rich losers

    You know, you hear so several stories of rich people donating billions to charities, I believe it is bull. I've been poor all my life with just enough dollars to meet fundamental requirements and never received anything from charities. Where do all of the billions of dollars go? Education? Schools? Health? Hospitals? Sounds to me it's just the rich paying their taxes in diverse way. The governments get the funds and also the real poor, the bum with no life in that shabby apartment or that family of four inside the rented house that's nearly crumbling with no vehicle never get any aid from rich strangers to get off their feet and as a result struggle all the time make ends meet. They can't get a job simply because they do not have an education. They can't get an education because it takes funds. They don't have dollars because they do not have job. It's a vicious cycle.

    Here in Canada, I only get $10,000 a year compared to the average Joe who gets $30,000 a year and rich men and women who get more than $100,000 a year. The disparity is too great. It wouldn't hurt the rich guy making $100,000 a year to give $40,000 to four of the men and women making $10,000 a year now would it? The fact is the poor need at least $20,000 a year to make it. The poor need to a way to begin enjoying life too. If the poor had far more they would make great placements with their cash, get an education, get a job and join the middle class. Instead you got rich folks with so much cash they do not know what to do with it, except for expanding their empire of wealth and get richer and richer. It's soo a lot less difficult for rich individual to get richer when really a better way would be for the poor people to have an effortless way to make a decent quantity.

    The issue with our society is that to be able to make cash you've got to spend cash. When there's no cash to start with, and worse, should you do not have an education because your family was too poor to maintain you happy in school forcing you to drop out, as in my case, then you've a problem starting out. It shouldn't be that way. There needs to be a method to make education totally free but it's not totally free. Education costs money. Governments would rather use the rich people's not so difficult earned cash to develop a stronger military, invest in enterprise that are already making a decent amount and paying health care men and women (Doctors are the highest paid individuals within the world and yet here we are giving to lots of funds for merely prescribing medications). Here in Canada we have the Sun card which pays all medical expenses. It takes an additional similar which should pay our education. That would really support people. Since once individuals have an education, then it's so significantly less difficult locate a job.

    Yet governments don't do that. It's filled old wealthy people who don't like the poor, complain due to the fact the they've pay taxes to them. They only care about their oil and gas costs, and also the stock marketplace...pathetic. Oil and gas up my family never had a car and even today I still do not have a vehicle. I laugh when they woory about that. C'mon, we needs to be a lot more worried about the rising FOOD costs. Paying an average of $3.50 for a 1 individual meal is just too expensive. Unless you eat ramon noodles, the rest of the food costs are so high. Some say, well, eat mac and cheese, it takes milk and butter too, hot dogs takes buns, so whenever you add up the costs of food it's just too pricey. Rich individuals still do not get it. Never will.

    Truly I do not believe anybody must earn far more than $100,000 dollars a year. Anything much more should be redistributed to the poor. It sickens me to hear rich people complain about at that suggestion.

    In short, I'd just like everyone to know...

    I HATE THE RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi friend, your experience as a have not in your childhood has made you feel angry with the rich. There is nothing wrong in a person being "born rich". It is not his fault to have been born in a family of rich ancestors. Similarly, a poor or an average person works hard and becomes rich through sheer perseverance, patience and his own skills etc. Is it wrong? When he becomes rich, he would naturally want to save and accumulate for his next generation. Every parent will want his or her kid to grow up in a condition better than his or her own childhood.

    There are several people who rose from rags to riches. So why don't the poor work? Many poor people prefer to beg, be lazy, or live on dole and donations...Instead why can't they strive and work hard for their living? There are so many physically challenged persons who like to earn their own living in some way whereas there are several lazy people who would prefer to live by exploiting others.

    There are many rich people who are kind hearted enough to sponsor the education of children who are poor or orphaned. Some donate their excess money for building shelters to the homeless, providing work to the unemployed and feeding the mentally challenged or physically challenged persons. They either do it by themselves or through NGOs and such institutions.

    Rich or poor, the attitude of a person is more important. You cannot generalize and say that you hate a person just because he is poor or just because he is rich. Period.
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    Default Everybody wants to be rich!!!

    I too agree with Jayashree.The attitude is very important.
    Ofcourse everybody will love to be rich and spend on many things.
    we too want our kids to get all that we can afford for them.

    There is no point in hating anybody,just because of their status.
    Yes .but many become rich by wrong means.I think those who do wrong deeds also have to pay for it in one way or the other in their lives.
    And we who earn honestly lead a normal life within our means,but happily.

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    Default Just try another country.

    Canada is not exactly a western country where people go to make money. Infact I have found the job market so bad there to get into irrespective of being western educated.

    The best place in the west is still the US. All others are just thinking they are like the US.

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    Yes, there are many billionaire who donate the money to charities and some of the money they always setup for children and the rest of the money they invest in their own works. But nobody can do it. This is the reason that everybody is going our of india for job market.

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    if someone hates rich just because they are rich, that does not make sense.

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    Very nicely written.Thanks for sharing with us.

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