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Thread: Need your Suggestion for losing weight

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    Default Need your Suggestion for losing weight

    Hi Everybody,

    My name is Neha i just need a suggestion on quick slimming techniques, such as any physical activity, exercise or any adoption of diet plan.
    It would be great if someone can help me for the same.

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    Hi, Neha This is Sailee Dorle, I am a health consultant in Nagpur.

    I have helped many people loose their weight and after that helped them manage it.

    This is basically a weight management programme of 3 months which helps you to lower your weight by 8-10 kg.

    It is designed and planned by a very renowned deitician who's in top 10 of the world named Shubhi Hussain

    This is not any fat cutter or machine or any slim belt.
    It's a pure diet programme which you have to follow and that is monitored by a device which you own yourself.
    The programme contains
    1. The inbody band watch
    2. The protein shake
    3. Design diet plan as per your BMI (given by the deitician)

    Basically your whole day is pre planned in terms of things which are related to your body.

    what time you should eat,
    what things you should eat as per the time,
    exercise design for everybody
    heart beat per minute.
    Monitoring the daily activities

    your results will be seen in the Inbody device which will show what you have eaten & accordingly what was good and what was bad.
    how much activity you have to do now to burn excess fats.
    how much sleep is required

    this process of 3 months helps you structure your body with great results which is guaranteed provided you do it in disciplined and recommended manner.
    The inbody band stays with you for life time which helps you in monitoring your healthy lifestyle developed during the course.
    and in future will help you maintain the desired weight.

    Contact me for more details on my id [email protected]

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    Hi Neha,

    My name is Shilpa, and i live in mumbai, few months ago even i was looking for a solution to get slim and fit in a short span of time.
    Then i came across to Prettislim through newspaper ad and i went there, and i got to know that there are many treatments wherein, we can loose weight fast without any side effects.
    I went for u-lipo treatment from prettislim and I completed 3 sessions and loosed 10 cm fat from my tummy..
    So you can visit Prettislim which is located in Mumbai.

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    Hey ..Myself anurupa
    I will like to suggest you that to stick with all of these above-mentioned plans of yours that will bring you faster more and effective results.If I broadly explain this to you it will be like -
    In this couple of years of studying, you might have noticed that there are various different ways to get ripped and reduce your body fat, but it all depends on you that which one of them you will like to prefer for yourself. Losing weight is not a big deal for all those people who knows how to do it. You might have noticed some models actors or players around you, whom you have seen to gain or lose weight in the sequence of their working commitments on monthly basis. Might you have some friends of yours also to lose weight that effortlessly and even might you have seen some of ours friends, who eat and do everything but still not get overweight!

    It would be said that this functionality of losing weight does not require any rocket science to implement or perform, it just needs some regular practices, discipline, and habits.

    I Will like to offer you two practices which will definitely help you to reduce your fat-

    1 .You should get into a regular exercising routine of either by doing Yoga, fitness exercises or martial arts. To get ripped and fit you would choose anyone of them according to your interest, all these three will help you with reducing your weight and get ripped.

    Now, if you think that you are not that much active, then you would definitely go for yoga. Yoga will help you to reduce your weight without taking you into a ride of huge physical activities and practices. But the drawback of yoga is that it will not offer you a well toned body or well shaped body.
    I will suggest that if you are very active or sporting kind of person then definitely go for martial arts. Martial arts will not just reduce your body weight but also make you be strong, work efficient and powerful.

    Another alternative suggestion

    Are you in a hunt of getting a well-toned body? Then gym will be your only option. Only working out in a home like gaming would be able to help you in reducing your weight along with getting your body into a good shape.This could be done at home by regular practice of some free hand exercises like crunches -daily 50–100 ,dips or push ups daily 20–30, squats daily 30–40 and this all will take nothing more than 45 mins of your time.

    2 .The second further natural home grown ways that you would try in reducing your weight that is you have to maintain a good food habit and be disciplined with your diets.

    Healthy Breakfast, Light Dinner

    Most old sayings truly are pearls of wisdom. A heavy breakfast goes a long way in making you ready for the day and a light dinner is exactly what your body needs for it to get the most nutrients and yet rest as you sleep. In general, your breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day, followed by lunch in small quantity and dinner in even smaller measures. A healthy breakfast usually includes a glass of milk, banana, eggs, whole wheat bread, poha, porridge, oats, other cereals, sprouts or fruits in cream.

    Detox is as important as sleeping. Taking the edge off once is a while may be fine, but don’t forget to detox after. Alcohol, coffee, nicotine, refined sugars, and saturated fats, act as toxins in the body and take time to flush out of the system. You can detox by drinking lemon juice, green tea, or fasting for a day. Famous detox diets are Simple Fruit and Veggie Detox, Smoothie Cleanse, Juice Cleanse, Sugar Detox and Hypoallergenic Detox.

    There are also 6 more diet and health tips for weight lose,you would check this also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neha Ghatale View Post
    Hi Everybody,

    My name is Neha i just need a suggestion on quick slimming techniques, such as any physical activity, exercise or any adoption of diet plan.
    It would be great if someone can help me for the same.
    Hi Neha,

    When I was on weight loss spree, I chose the combination of exercise, right food. There is no magic technique available to do the wonders overnight. Include light exercises along with eating right food in your fitness regime and you will see the results yourself.

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    nice info. thanks all for the inputs

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    Default Running is best for weight loss

    for weight loss i am always prefer running this gives stamina improve and as per as possible weight loss. our fitness coach in ahmedabad gives us suggestion for weight loss.

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    Good one for weight loss.

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