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    Hello All,

    We are running this contest from now to March 8th, International women's day. Please share your thoughts for the following question.

    What kind of improvements you would like to see in Indian women's lives between now and the women's day in 2017?

    Please reply to this thread and write your thoughts. We will choose one winner, based on quality of thought process by March 9th. Do not worry about spelling or grammar Just hit "reply to thread" and pour your thoughts.

    The winner will get US$25 Amazon Gift card or INR 1500 Flipkart gift card.

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    Thumbs up Indian women in 2017 should be...

    First let me wish you all a very happy women’s day.

    Indian women have certainly come a long way from the times we were ruled by Emperors and kings and later by the British. Sati,(burning of women on her husband’s funeral pyre), child marriages, widowhood problems, illiteracy, slavery, drudgery, dowry, child labor have all become or are becoming things of the past…

    Today we are proud to have women in all walks of life and careers…from auto drivers to bus drivers, from businesswomen to teachers, astronauts to pilots, naval officers to soldiers…and the list goes on. Name any field and one is sure to find at least a single woman standing at par or even higher than a man.

    These are developments and growth in Indian women’s lives are certainly due to education of women added to protests by those who wanted to uplift the place of women in Indian society. The awareness and awakening was created by people through propaganda, protests and legislations. It took decades to realize women’s potentiality and to allow and encourage them to grow in all fields of the Indian society. Women had to break the barriers created by male dominated society to evolve and bring a revolution.

    Despite all these rise and growth in Indian women’s lives, we still read and see about how Indian women are struggling in many villages, towns and even cities to fight against social evils and assert their rights as individuals. Wives being beaten by husbands, eve teasing, child rapes, gang rapes, human trafficking, sexual harassment by male colleagues or bosses in work places, discrimination in paying wages to male and female laborers…..these are all still found in many Indian cities, towns and villages.

    By 2017 international women’s day, I would like to see all Indian women being treated as individuals with respect in the real sense and pride. Every girl child must be given education at least up to high school level. Free education for girls in good institutions, transport facilities for their travel to schools, basic amenities like toilets and drinking water in schools …. All these will aid girls to continue their education. Many instances have come to light where girls dropped out of school due to lack of transport to schools in remote areas, due to lack of finance or due to lack of toilets.

    Another menace to girl students is the abuse of girls by male teachers. Sexual harassment, eve teasing and rapes are still being faced by girls and women of all age groups…from a few months old to a 80 or 90 year old. Laws need to be made more stringent to punish the offenders (a mild term for these perverts) and such laws and verdicts must be made quickly with a firm hand. A peaceful fear free atmosphere is the need of the hour for girls and women to go out to educational institutions and offices.

    Even today, women are still kept under men’s thumbs in many villages. Honor killing of girls who marry boys of other castes must be dealt with seriously. We also read that there are small villages where girls are “used” by many men in the name of marriages and are misused according to their whims and fancies…Such villages must be identified by the state governments and laws must be made to protect such innocent girls and women. These women are faceless and nameless to us and are unable to defend themselves in any manner and we are also not very aware or bothered about them because we are quite educated, living comfortably, and have greater freedom as women.

    Women belonging to rich families or upper middle class are able to come up easily in life, of course there may be a few exceptions. But when it comes to the poor and the downtrodden or to the villagers, there is much more to be done for the Indian woman. Education to all girls and freedom to women especially in villages and among backward classes will ensure that Indian women gain more respect and dignity which they deserve in society.

    “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”…so goes the saying. Let us make this saying a reality by bringing about the necessary changes in the Indian women’s lives through awareness, awakening, education, and legislation…

    Let every Indian woman feel by 2017 that she is an individual who is powerful to bring about a change in society and the world…let every woman feel proud of being a woman…let every woman play her roles of a daughter, wife, mother at home with as much ease as she plays the role of a peer or boss or subordinate in her place of work or office and may she gain the respect she deserves wherever she goes.
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