This is a sweet dish made out of Poha (aval in Tamil or rice flakes). It is very simple and can be made within 10-15minutes.
Poha - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup (if sugar is very sweet or if you prefer your sweet tp be mild, then take 3/4 cup)
Ghee - just one spoon
cardamom, cashew nuts

If you use thin Aval, no need to soak it. just rinsing/washing is enough.
If it is of the thick variety, soak it for 5-10mts.

Drain all water. Heat a spoon of ghee in a frying pan.
Add the poha and just saute it for 2 or 3 minutes. Add the sugar and little water(very little is enough).

let the mixture blend together till all the sugar melts. This is done in 5 to 10 mts.
If you want you may add kesari powder for color.

Garnish the sweet with cardamom powder and also a few pieces of cashewnuts roasted in ghee.