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  1. How To Get Yourself Exercising

    Whether you are doing it for your physical health or your emotional health, exercise is such an important thing to make sure you set aside time for. Here are some great ways that I make sure I motivate myself to exercise:

    1) Write it into your to-do list: I have noticed that writing in exercise into my schedule makes me actually do it. If I leave it in the back of my head, I am most likely either going to forget about it or not do it because I have too much work. When you put it ...
  2. Cheap Gifts From US to India

    Cheap Gifts From US To Get Relatives Back in India

    Chocolates are always what my family gets relatives back in India, but sometimes it’s nice to get more creative with presents and get relatives something they may not be able to buy in India for a cheap price. Here is a list of ideas:

    1) Bath and Body Works items: Whether it’s a body lotion, shower gel, or a gift bag, relatives are most likely going to love something from Bath and Body Works. The nice thing here is ...
  3. Being an only child, having an only child…

    I am, that rare species, a child who has no siblings. Back then, when my parents had me, this was far from the norm, in fact, it was quite the aberration. Most families in the housing complex I grew up in had a minimum of two and a maximum of five kids. My parents having me as an only child was not a decision out of choice. My having my son as an only child is.

    Like my mother, I had my son rather late. I was thirty three when my son was born, after a fair amount of trouble trying ...
    Tags: parenting
  4. A Mother's Special

    Recently I had been to my daughter.She is a working mother of an eight year old cute girl.The little majesty is a darling with all the decent habits and hobbies.Yet her mother is apprehensive as her mother used to be."She is very much keen to cartoons on TV"."She would never listen to me"----all these complaints would remind me of her childhood days.I recall and feel obsessed with the repetition of the history.Generation after generation the same flow of love affection and care ...
  5. Change while you grow...for the better...

    Our attitudes as a youngster change when we grow up and when we begin to play different kinds of roles in our lives. As a school going girl, I used to be very shy and talked less outside. But I was a very talkative girl in class. Even in my LKG Report card, the remarks were "Very Talkative in class".

    The shyness in me created inhibitions also and I never used to like my mother or father coming to my school (after 6th standard). But they used to come together or either of ...

    Updated 11th May 2011 at 01:15 PM by jayashree s kumar

    Tags: attitude, change
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